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The Golden Rule is a one hour television documentary about a Canadian teacher
who is making a difference in the lives of children abroad and at home.
Terri Anne, along with a survivor of Pol Pot's ruthless regime, is working to provide
an accessible alternative to the corrupt, government run schools in Cambodia
and set up a teacher resource centre in Phnom Penh.



By teaming up with a Cambodian survivor of Pol Pot’s killing spree in 1974, a Canadian teacher fosters the development of a small school in Phnom Penh. In so doing, she sets off a series of events that brings hope and inspiration to many. The Golden Rule is a film about discovery, friendship and new beginnings. It is about the changes that occur within us and around us, when we take action towards righting injustice. Set in an inner city Canadian School, and the muddy streets of Phnom Penn, this film follows the story of …

Terri Anne & kids counting money

A teacher and her grade two class as they raise funds and awareness for a tiny school in Phnom Penn and learn first hand, that even the smallest (child’s) efforts can make a huge difference.

Cambodians with donated slide